ABN AMRO Bank N.V.  is headquartered in Amsterdam. The Dutch bank is the third-largest bank of Netherlands. After the consolidation of original ABN AMRO by a banking consortium of Santander Group, Fortis, and Royal Bank of Scotland Group; the bank was re-established in 2009 for the general public.

After the collapse of Fortis, the bank was nationalised by the Dutch government and re-listed as a public company in 2015.

Listing and Revenue

Revenue 19,800,000,000 euro
Operating Income 9.093 billion Euros
Net Income 2.325 billion Euros
Total Assets 381.3 billion Euros

Products and Services

ABN AMRO Bank offers retail, private, and corporate banking services along with financial services and advisory. Its services include savings, loans, mortgages, insurance, payments, future income, and investments.


ABN AMRO Bank was established in 1824 by King William as Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM). It was founded as trading company to fund trade and financing needs of the Dutch East Indies. Later it became one of the primary ancestors of ABN AMRO.

The NHM was merged with the Twentsche Bank in 1964 and the new entity was named a Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN). Amsterdamsche Bank, established in 1871, also merged with the Rotterdamsche Bank, established in 1873, in the same year to form Amsterdamsche en Rotterdamsche Bank.

In 1991, ABN and AMRO Banks were merged to create a large entity called ABN AMRO.


ABN AMRO witnessed brisk growth through mergers and acquisitions. The bank acquired Hollandsche Bank-Unie (HBU) to gain a strong foothold in in South and Central America. In 1979, it acquired Chicago-based LaSalle National Bank to expand in the North America region.

in 1995, the back bought The Chicago Corporation. It was an American securities and commodities trading and clearing corporation.

In 1996, it purchased suburban Detroit based Standard Federal Bank and Michigan National Bank in 2001 which was later rebranded as Standard Federal. Standard Federal became LaSalle Bank in 2005.

Its other notable acquisitions include Brazilian bank Banco Real in 1998 and Italian bank Antonveneta in 2006.

Awards and Recognition

ABN AMRO won Euromoney Awards along with 'Western Europe's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance' in London. It was also announced the winner of two prestigious Euromoney Awards for Excellence including 'Western Europe's Best Bank for Sustainable Finance' in 2019.