Bandhan Bank Ltd is a financial services company and also an Indian banking solution whose headquarter is in Kolkata, West Bengal. The bank represents 34 out of 37 states along with Union Territories of India. Currently, Bandhan bank has been serving more than 2.03 crore customers with 4,559 banking outlets.

In the year 2015, Bandhan Bank was granted a universal banking license by the Reserve Bank of India. In the same year in August, the bank began its operation with  ATMs, and even more than 500 branches. The inauguration of Bandhan Bank in the year 2015 was done by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley witness by policymakers, regulators and luminaries from the financial sector.

Listing and Revenue

The bank is listed on both BSE and the NSE stock exchange.

Revenue ₹7,873 crore
Operating Income ₹5,446 crore
Net Income ₹3,024 crore
Total Assets ₹91,718 crore

Product and Services

Bandhan Bank offers its customers with some of the valuable assets and liability based products. The bank has 4,014 touch points pan India with more than 1000 bank branches. There is also 3014 door step service areas and different ATMs located in every state. The bank also offers banking and financial services not just urban but also semi-urban and rural customers. It also offers online banking, ATMS and insurance solutions to its value customers.


Bandhan started as the non-profit organization in the year 2001. The focus of the bank was to offer microloans for those underprivileges areas of the society. It also offered financial inclusion and strived hard for women empowerment with a balanced livelihood management. In the year 2006, the company got an NBFC to improve the microfinance activities. It then transferred into an NBFC-MFI to achieve its further objective of financial inclusion. In the year 2010, Bandhan turned out to be the largest MFI in the country.

By the year 2014, 2014 then got an in principle approval to set the universal bank. In 2015, the reserve bank of India then granted the banking licences to Bandhan Bank. After two months in the same year, the bank started its operations. Bandhan bank was then declared to be the first bank which was set up in the Eastern India post-Independence. In the year 2017, the bank  was declared as the 8th largest bank in India by market capital.

The bank began the microfinance operations from small village in Kolkata called Bagnan. It previously focused on lending the individuals monetary with group formation. In these 18 years the bank is now quite active in34 states and union territories focusing more on the underdeveloped states of Northeast India


In the year 2019, Bandhan Bank started the acquisition process of GRUH Finance. GRUH Finance is a housing Development Finance Corporation Limited in the share-swap deal by way of Scheme of amalgamation.

Awards and Recognition

In the year 2018, Bandhan Bank won the 'Entrepreneur with Social Impact' Award at the first edition of the CNBC-AWAAZ . In the year 2019, Bandhan Bank won the Emerging Company of the Year.


The regular operations of Bandhan Bank  started in the year 2014 from 23rd December. The bank is said to be the wholly-owned subsidiary of Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited which is owned by Bandhan Financial Services Limited (BFSL). BFSL is one of the largest micro finance organization in India. Further it also has subsidiaries that includes Bandhan Employee's Welfare Trust and Bandhan-Konnagar.

It is believed that Bandhan bank is holding a public shareholder which has included the service of International Finance Corporation; an arm of GIC, the sovereign wealth fund of Singapore; and Small Industries Development Bank of India.