RBL which formerly called The Ratnakar Bank is one of the fastest-growing private sector banks. The bank had prominent expansion all across India. It is an Indian private sector bank which is located in Mumbai and was founded in the year 1943. The bank is known to offer services to more than 8 million customers with its 1631 office that includes 1245 branches that are spread across the Union territories and Indian state.

Listing and Revenue

Revenue ₹7,743.08 crore
Operating Income ₹1,939.83 crore
Net Income ₹866.95 crore
Total Assets ₹80,359 crore crore

Products and services:

WITH 394 ATMs and different branches in the state and union territories, RBL Bank specialised services under six business verticals namely Banking, development banking, commercial banking, treasury and financial inclusion to name some. It offers products and services such as Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Finance, and Insurance to its valued customers all over the world using the support of digitalisation. With the trending concept of digitalisation, it was one of the fastest banks to enable technology based digital products and services to its valued customers for a smooth banking solution.


In the year 1943, Ratnakar Bank was established and founded as the regional bank. The bank was founded in Maharashtra. It had then only two branches those were in Kolhapur and Sangali to serve small and medium enterprises.

In the same year, the bank of Kolhapur district was incorporated as Ratnakar Bank Limited. As per the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, this bank was then considered to be the scheduled commercial bank.

In the year 1970, the bank received a license from the Reserve Bank of India to do its operations all across the world.

During 2014, the name of the bank was changed from Ratnakar bank to RBL Bank Limited.

In the year 2020, Vishwavir Ahuja became the managing director and CEO of the bank.


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Awards and Recognition

In the year 2020, RBL won the best core system project and best cloud-based project. In the year 2019, the bank won digital payments award by Ameity and also outstanding performance in post deployment in northeast. In the same year, the bank also received TISS LEAPVAULT CLO award as best program for sales enablement along with the Asian banker financial technology innovation awards as the best self-service banking initiative, application. In the year 2018, RBL received Aadhaar excellence awards 2018 for opening highest percentage of Aadhaar centres.

It also received business today banking awards  best small bank. In the year 2017, the bank  received DUN & BRADSTREET banking awards and financial services company of the year. In 2016, bank won Mastercard innovation awards and the Asian banker technology innovation awards. In 2012 the bank won Asian banker technology implementation award.


To raise the foreign currency funds, RBL shall meet the needs in IBU and also fund other subsidiaries through RBL FinServe Ltd and RBL Bank Ltd., Asset Management Arm.